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Perched on a silent, green hilltop along the Western Ghats, Namaha is your home away from home. Surrounded by breathtaking layer upon layer of mountains clad in the cool rainforest, Namaha is conceived as an aesthetic experience, an abode of the seasons, where the light and the breeze and the occasional songbird melt away the concrete walls, presenting you with that sense of detachment, that heightened sense of being we find hard to put into words. We would rather have you see that for yourself.

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The Rooms
Designed and built to work with the nature around it, the rooms are conceived as oases within themselves—each room opening up to private Verandas soaking in wondrous views of the valleys.

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The Hosts
Mini and Bala grew up in Wayanad and cannot think of living anywhere else. Obsessed with the—often invisible—details of experiencing the stay at Namaha, they spent what anyone else would call too much time finessing the choices of things they brought into Namaha. If you are insistent enough, Mini or Bala might open up the cache of stories behind the trinkets and artwork (each and every one of them) one finds in the rooms, or share their memories growing up surrounded by the hills and its lovely people.
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The Kitchen
The kitchen serves local vegetarian dishes, often cooked by the hosts themselves. Bala and Mini bring unique local, seasonal delicacies (they grew up not far from where the house now stands) to the table.

The Kitchen at Namaha
Getting to Namaha
The house is a 3 kilometre drive from the town centre. It is 95 kilometres from the nearest airport (Kozhikode, CCJ) and 86 kilometres from the Kozhikode Railway Station (CLT). A three hour drive, climbing the Wayanad pass, will bring you to Meppadi town, from where you can give us a call and let us direct you upto the house.

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